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Friday, August 5, 2011

How to Pick a Protein Powder



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      Examine yourself. If you're not exercising on a regular schedule and your diet is poor, supplementing with protein powder is only going to add more weight to your frame--and not the kind you're looking for. Before looking into sports nutrition, make sure your regular diet is healthy and that you're relatively fit.

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      Research your options. There are literally hundreds of protein powders on the market, and most of them are a waste of money. For your first powder, all you need to look for is high-quality protein that is free of additional supplements like Creatine and low in fat and sugar.

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      Choose a protein type. The most popular protein powder is pure whey, which is isolated from milk. Most whey protein is very low in lactose, but if you are very lactose intolerant, there are other options for you. Egg protein is 100 percent lactose free, as is soy protein, and there are more expensive varieties of whey that are 100 percent lactose free as well.

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      Pick a flavor. Regardless of what the sports nutrition companies tell you, a good protein powder that isn't loaded with sweeteners and flavoring will not taste like a gourmet dessert. Safe flavors to try out include vanilla and chocolate. Make sure you're happy with your choice so that you're not left holding a big container of powder you can't stand to swallow.

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      Mix it up! A basic protein powder made with whey, egg or soy is best used 1 hour before and immediately after your workouts. Some people are content to mix their powder with a spoon, while others prefer "shaker bottles," plastic containers with a mesh that is used to separate the powder and mix it thoroughly. Others choose to use a blender and add fruit such as bananas or blueberries. Don't go overboard with extras, though; as a beginner you should be looking to get your protein without additional calories.

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      Be consistent. Make sure to drink your protein shakes on a regular schedule to ensure that your body is fully fueled and ready to go. If you forget to take them, or wait more than an hour after your workouts, they won't do you much good.


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