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Friday, August 5, 2011

ker nak beli yang nih????

Nike Air Max 2011

Great Advantages of Nike Air Max 2011 Base Shoes

Cheap Air Max shoes use the cushion material which is a special professional gas poured into the synthetic rubber in older to bear the high-pressure. The technology of making cushion in the shoes is the key to success of Nike Air max sports shoes professionally.

Advantages of air max 2011 shoes:

Maximum cushioning: it can reduce impact forces generated when landing, air pressure chamber containing a different and to provide different shapes of air max 2011 women shoes movement for different consumers have different choices.

Maximum comfort: women air max 2011 discount shoes can be more effective in reducing the impact force, is to maximize feet comfort.

Maximum stability: high pressure gas chamber, providing a stability effecient protecting shock, which make users better stability and control.

Maximum protection: more than 35% of the protecting shock comparing with other air shoes, which protect feet better.

The special volume of gas molecules is greater than the synthetic rubber layer of fine cracks, so the air in the gas will not be lost. Men air max 2011 shoes gas molecules absorb external vibration and shock pressure, and then quickly restore the original appearance, and is ready to absorb the next shock. At the same time, it will not end with the life cycle of shoes, it will last longer than the other shoes.

The cushion was created by Frank Rudy who first proposed the use of inflatable air cushion to enhance the shock of running shoes. A year later, Nike Discount Mens Air Max 90 will set off a revolution in motion. When the other shoe factory refused Frank Rudy unconventional imagination, Nike has encouraged him to complete the advanced idea.

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