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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peachy from The Biggest Loser Asia

Do u guys know her?? If u guys dont recognized her, she was one of The Biggest Loser Asia contestant from Thai... Her name is Picharatch Phunthawornnawin or Peachy...
Why in this entries i would love to talk about her?? Coz for me she such an inspiration of losing weight...She didnt win the contest but she did 'WIN' a hot smokin' figure after the shows over~

Here are some of her pics before and after losing weight...

Her starter weight was almost 99kg... SOO heavy for a young lady like her...

Then after a couples of years ( which i dont know?? i need to ask her later), she transformed into THESE!!

OH M GIEE!!!!!! how did she do that??? Totally an amazing figure transformation!!!!
She looks STUNNING & HOT!! but still maintain her cuteness~
*thats the raeson y i like about cutiey Peachy*

Hummhh.... i'm soo inspired by Peachy! Her transformation really motivates me to be much more stronger & dont give up!!! Yup, as u guys know, i'm having my plateau weight probs & almost giving up....Then i saw Peachy in my FB and asked myself, "See, Diane!!! Peachy can get that hot body after she suffering soo many difficulty in her journey of losing weight! You saw it with your eyes how pressured Peachy starting her losing weight programs (The Biggest Loser Asia) see that??!!! how gorgeous she is!!

"Diane, yes u can!!! Carry on another 3-4months and you'll see the fascinating result!!! Don't ive up!! Consistant! Discipline! Be Strong!! Fight like a Bad Fighter!!! then u'll achieve the glory!!

**by the way, me and Peachy were FB's friend currently!! yeay!!! Thanx dear!!! U are the strongest lady i've ever met!! Salute on your hardwork of losing weight!!!

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