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Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Working!!!!!

Last night, after 2hours doing workout at gym, my trainer, tegur i yg my body getting smaller & fit!!! dh xmacam mase mula2 dtg gym dlu (ms awal tahun ni)....chubby and weak...bleyh workout 1jam jew...but sejak sekarang dh leyh maintain until 2hours workout doing all types of exercise focus & xcungap2 dah...Yes! I'm getting more energy & stamina than usual...I pon xtahu nape skg jadi hyper active sgt...maybe sebab bdn dah rase ringan & kaki i yg kecik ni dh kurang penat support badan besar...

My trainer told me yg my fat loss lebih kurang 45% overall...dlm mase 2bulan losing 9kilo, thats the way losing weight permanently! When he observed my problems area, he said that my celullite getting vanished! my skin getting toned up...but some of area, the fat turns wobbly & lembik sebab lemak2 permanent yg keras dlu (i memang gemok dari azali) dh makin lembik & senang nk burn if i truskan workout lagi...Huh! biler dengar selulit makin samar, i rs mcm nk lompat setinggi2nyer...hepi yang xterkate!!! I know he wont lie to me sbb die mmg ckp direct..klo gemok2, gemoklah...klo kurus, kuruslah...Then blek dr gym last nite, i observed sendri my body and guess what??

Cheek: Baby fat cheek getting lose..kempis sket pipi ni

JawBone: Getting clear & jelas gler!! no more double chin

Neck: cool!! dh xde dah leher berkulit lipat2!!

Collarbone: makin nampak jelas & panjang gler...boleh takung air biler mandi...

Underarms: still flabby but getting smaller..

breast : hoh!! fit & shaped!

Abs: walaupon xde abs muscle lagi, it ok..sbb bende tu makan bertahun2 tuk perot makin kempis tapi lemak2 still boleyh cubit...a bit wobbly coz i'm in de process burning fat, my skin jadi lose sket causes of fat burning byk kt upper abs still brlemak, cume xgemok lower abs still buncit! hahaha! tang citulah yang susah nk burn lemak (muffin/ spare tyre) disebabkan lemak degil...sume org gemok menghadapi masalah yg same area citu...manakale side abs i getting more CURVY!! yeay! hampir getting my hourglass shape back!!

Waist: getting smaller sbb 'tayar' dh mengecik!! my jeans from size 36 turun 34 n now 32! marvellouskaannn??

bottom: hah! boleyh dibanggekan !! dh xselebar dlu!! kurang wobbly! kurang berat! easy to move around sbb dh ringan...yang best part of it, sumpah selulit banyak dh hilang & getting in shape seyh part ni...all of my jeans dh ade ruang kosong kt butt area..hahaha...

Peha: yer~ bahagian drumstick ni pon payah nk skg dh mengecik sket...dlu pkai legging, nampak hodoh n besarlah peha ni...legging pon susah nk sarung sbb ketat sgt...pernah satu legging i koyak!! force sgt...tapi skg dh leyh sarung legging ari2 & sgt sekejap!! p gym ari2 pkai legging or fit shorts coz senang nk brgerak...xpanas...evrytime workout, bahagian ni i byk focus...xkire depan or belakang peha i will make sure sweaty & panas!

Lutut: lutut makin membonjolkan tulang instead of lemak (macam dlu2)....Miracle rase bler tgk lipatan tepi lutut dh xde lemak terkeluar!! sbb tu yg i suffer dr kecik smp besar...lemak peha terlebih smp lutut tertimbus dgn lemak & lipatan sides lutut jd huduh!

Betis: yeay!! calf saye makin keras & fit!! thanx to the 1hours running on trademill with high speed & high slope gradient!!

Jari: walaupun jari ni xleyh dijdkan ukuran sme ade kt kurus or x, tp i nk ckp gak! my ring always slipped from my finger!! longgar sey ring ni skg...jari semakin kurus & nmpk panjang....dlu bulat2 n pendek..hehe...

Tulah body observation takat ni...I bravely crite kt korg sume coz i nk buktikn kt korg sume yg by exercising especially workout kt gym, boleyh mengubah figure korg dlm ms 2bln plg cepat...walawpun parent i xske i p gym coz drg ckp membazir duet, xpe...tu pndgn dorg...len org len pdgn....

My trainer told me gak yg i should ready pas raye nyer workout...He wants me to do hardcore workout (sbb fat loss mkn tggi, ade bbrape area wobbly & kulit pon kendur sket) so dat all my skin jd lg tight! I kne ready mentally & physically tuk lalui journey hardcore workout akn dtg ni... So camne i nk ready??, i akn buat dlu basic hardcore workout ni starting dr skg....for example de workout looks like this:

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  1. post gambor terbaru ar..baru ar caye sket...

  2. ko dh ketinggalan dh post dh gambo latest bbrape ari lepas...p ar tgk post lepas...tajuk "kami gian gym"....

    jgn expect 2bln workout dh slim slender, least 4 to 6 month baru fit...

  3. Kak Anne,

    I'm so proud of u!
    By looking at all those workouts u've been doing from the past few weeks, u really deserve it.
    Nak sgt jadi mcm kak anne, rajin g gym.
    But couldn't afford it for this time being :D
    All the best sis!


  4. dont get it wrong dear...workout kt gym bukan satu perkara main2...u kne push urself beyond de limits...b4 akk join gym, akk dh start outdoor exercise dlu...bler bdn dh bleyh trime sakit2, baru ade keberanian p gym..once dh start gym, u kne face muscles soreness...gym just for those who totally ready to step to de next challge of lucky to hv many supporters & instructors spjg journey losing weight...need to study bout our body sendri & byk brtanyer dgn org2 yg expert...klo x ibarat brjalan dlm gelap w/o torchlite...thanx for ur supportive dear! u r de best sis ever!!!