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Friday, August 19, 2011


Achievement setakat ni:

1) Trademill - jog nonstop speed 7.0, 45min, gradient: 3 or 6 (burn 350kcal)

2) current weight: 60.7kg (raya eve target 60.0 or lesser)
3) Stamina: Working Hour ( kekdg ngantok pepagi time bln pose ni)
Aftr Break Fast (sgt energetic !!! )

4) Workout Hour perday: increase to 2 1/2 per night...

5) Calorie burned per workout: 400-450kcal

6) Appetite: kekadang xslera makan sgt, just makan sket kekadang makan macam JIN!

7)Metabolisme: xtahu cmne nk agak metabolisme bdn ni...just bleyh ckp everytime workout, peluh makin ber'laut'...skrg sgt senang nk sweat & bleyh brtahan xpenat lagi lame compare sblm ni...

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