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Friday, August 5, 2011

Puasa Day 5


-badan keletihan tahap rabak!! pakse badan tuk bangun sahur...bangun diane bangun!!! akhirnyer berjaye bangun jugak! (wlwpn lagi 20min nk imsak dah)...trus p dapur bukak fridge capai Kellogs K special cornflakes, soy milk + banana sebijik...telan smbil mate still tutup lg...



-HEPI!!!! it's friday friday friday! smp uma trus skipping 10 x 20reps & light weight lifting sementara nk tggu buka pose~ lepas geram keje ngan exercising sgt mbantu~

- 5 keping tempeh grilled dlm oven & makan cecah sos cili milk xlepas...kne sentiase ade... napelh i xbuka yg heavy sket, takat tempeh tu bleyh kenyang kew??? humm...for me makan sket2 tp biar berulang2 kali...i do starting habit ambk more than 3meals perday during puasa...nk boost meabolisme lah, ape lg...

- yup...sebijik pisang jew yg tinggal dlm fridge bedal pisang!!! energy bar makan ar gak for extra energy....for air, i tapaw green tea tuk p workout, sepjg kt gym, i nk make sure bdn sentiase hydrated + boost metabolisme, minum green tealah caranyew~~

-today more focusing kt cardio lower body & weight lifting for bicep tricep...learn new technique from my trainer...seriously bicep i dh mule bumpy & tricep i starting to keras...yeay! kne usaha lg! abg trainer ckp i need to be consistent & focus lg 4bln to get bicep & tricep bykkn lg cardio so dat my stubborn fats kt lower body bleyh decreasing...he wants me to built more lean muscle so dat the fats will burn fast!

-lepas dh mengkhatamkan green tea dlm botol air time p gym td, mcm biaselah smp uma bdn mesti gigilnyer!!! trus telan veggie2 yg ade dlm fridge & not forgetting my rolled oat!!! kali ni rolled oat tu mamam ngan green apple + letak cinnamon powder sket...syok makan bende mcm tu ms baru blek gym...terase kepuasan....

** FYI, sesape yg xtahu, once u dh start active workout at gym...u will realize yg u akan jadi kuat makan!!! yes! mmg cepat lapar...dats y i've told u guys i makan byk dlm spjg program tengok lah portion yg kita ambk & jenis mknn ape yg kt ambek...kne ade limit gak...Dieting is not about starving yrself but it's about the amount u reload yr energy by taking & watching every foods u eat... Yang makan bukan perut korang, yg mkn adelh bdn korang...once u start giler gym, u need tons of foods & foods tu sume akn convert into energy yg kt perlukn spjg workout kt gym...Cehh! dh rs my nutritionist plak dri ni...K, selamat berpuase!!!

**blerlh nk p terawih nih~ haisyh~

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