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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm Sexy & I Know it !!!!

Xde ar...bukannyer ape...tajuk entrie kali ni saje2 i nk bt tajuk gedix skit tuk naekkn semangat dri ni lagi....and  remember, bagilah reward kat dri sendri seperti puji sikit dri ni depan cermin biler tgk after several month of hard working to lose 12.5kg, berbaloi~~

I still on my will never ever stop until de end of world....i will make sure my anak2 & cucu cicit piot miot sume kne live in healthy way of living....korang nak makan ape, makanlah....even me & hubby i still on & love our 'FOOD HUNTING' lagi...i pon still ari2 buat & makan dessert kt hubby lagilah, chef, ari2 kne jamah kne beringat jugak, makan mmg sedap & seronok...p klo xtahu nk control & balance it with exercise, penyakit pon kate here we go....sbb bdn kt sendri yang bagi warm welcoming kat penyakit....

As for me, ingat lagi tak dlm previous post i beberape bulan yg lepas....dh mcm 2 bende i try tuk lose those weight, tp sume fail...dulu i xprcaye langsung concept eat well & exersice regularly....bullshit tu sume....humm...skg baru tahu rupe2nyew betollah concept tu....banyak bende i learn spjg journey & downs....i pon bt bende ni sume bkn beriya2 nak lose weight, tapi nak kejar stamina tggi....yup...bende ni sume buat kt lagi agressif & energetic...sbb i keje pagi until i need dat! klo bdn rase ringan, senang nk gerak pantas!!!

To hubby Walee, CONGRATES SAYANG for already losing 9kilos!!! i'm so proud of u...pasni lagi timbullah muscle ketol2 u tuh....kite tengok sape boleyh dapat six pax dulu!! u or i??? huhuhu....

I will update my progress beberape bulan lagi....and always remember....

"Losing weight & upgrading your fitness level is a very long it patiently & with high commit, there's no such things of magic way to lose all those stubborn fats!!! "


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