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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who did trained me???

Nak tawu sape train i sepanjang i dlm journey ni???
Let me share wit u guys~

Jennifer Nicole Lee
(i'm following her blog)

(also by following her blog)

Fay Hokulani
(following her blog & FB...straight ask her by her blog or fb)

Susu Sejat
(follow his blog, his FB & email him sometimes)

(follow her blog & ask her by her FB...she's friendly!)

Abg Kevin Zahrin
(semua blog, fb or pape jew forum yg die buat, i will make sure follow...his bleyh dikatekan boleyh layan email follower2 die...i akn merajinkan diri tuk email or tnye kat fb die...)

Abg Roy
(sure2lah everytime p gym, mmg die lah my trainer yg rajin train i...thanx!!! hepi jadi anak didik Abg Roy....anak didik yang xseberape hebat ni...hahahha~)

dan yang paling utama sekali ade lah hubby i...
die supporter terhebat!!!
thanks sayang!

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