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Thursday, January 5, 2012

RopeSport Basic Jump Rope Workout | Fitness Experts | Chicago

Malam semalam my workout for warming up adelah fast jump rope....asyek lari atas trademill jew..bosan kan??? so buat jump rope..ade banyak cara...i pon ngah try expertkan semua cara macam dlm video ni....tapi pagi ni calves (betis) & hamstring (otot blakang peha) i SUMPAH SAKET!! memang terase tissue muscle2 kaki i koyak!!...BUT I AM FEELIN GOOODD DAPAT BUAT 500X JUMP IN 10MINS~~ chaiyok! need to improve more!!


  1. ni lah benda yang sangat2 aku cari selama ini...thanks diane!!!!

  2. no probs dear~ hope u practise it~ kita same2 battle sape leyh buat plg lme & byk skills..huhuhu...;P

  3. akak, jumping ropes can cut off a few pounds x? huhuhu... sy ni jenis mls sgt2 nak gi jog apatah lg ke gym. mase xde. perut sy dh smkin membulat... huhuhu. -__-" at least, jumping ropes blh buat kt bilik je. xde org nmpk. hehehe.

  4. Fatin: Yes! jump rope really can shread lots of fats & give u more leaner muscle...sebab die adelah cardio jugak...but it depends on yr intensity & hardness level yang u buat...consistant is the key words...klo awak buat xconsistant, the result agak lambat...but akk dont recomment doing jump rope if u terlalu berat coz even akk pon still calves sore selame 3ari after main jump rope 500x in 10mins..sbb berat akk still xbrape ringan untuk kaki akk support..dont push or force ur legs, bahaye...jump rope ade cara yang betol if u want to get the best result...u can do but do it in low intensity if u r a beginner..

  5. Hai...can i know..u pg gym mane...