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Monday, February 27, 2012

Kerabu Cendawan (Straw mushroom Salad)

What a gloomy Monday to start a day....Moooody Monday lah katekan...but my lunchbox today did cheer me up!!! arini i lunch Kerabu Cendawan...sedap..xpernah buat & ni baru first time try buat...takut jugak mase mula2 nak makan sebab nampak macam xsedap...cume color2 yang menyerlah tu jew yang dapat membantu mood selera tu naik sikit...Fitness food memang banyak main dengan bright & cheerfull colour actually...Dish ni i ambik bersame2 dengan green apple & chrystimum tea (teh bunga kekwa) sugar-free~~

Cautions: Dish ni agak masam & pedas...jangan makan ketika perut kosong sebab kuantiti acid die tinggi skit....make sure masa snack u all replenish balik dengan susu...


1 canned of straw mushrooms ( boiled,tos & cut into 4)
Chicken meat & squid (boiled & cut into cubes)
Plenty of ripped red tomatoes (cut into cubes)
Green chillies or cili padi (chopped)
Red onion (slice thinly)
Daun Sup or Corriander / daun ketumbar (chopped)
2 spoons of Napla / Fish Sauce
4-5 spoons of lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon of sugar (kalo u nak pkai lah..kalo x, lagi bagus)

**Mixed all of the ingredients & chilled it in the fridge about 20-25mins & ready to serve....

Healthy Food = Easy, Fast, Simple, Colourful, Less Calories & Delicious...

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