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Thursday, March 1, 2012


U girls nak flat & tight tummy like mine??? nak reduce of yr waist measurement like mine??
i mean do this E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y....


  1. hi sera, aritu i ada komen n i ada reply but da tak jumpa dah mana post tu heheh.. anyway, i asked you bout gym membership kan haritu, too bad i dekat Sunway and dekat sini i guess gym paling dekat is Celebrity Fitness tapi i tak mampulah dia punya fees heheh...but thanks for your info anyway. do you have any suggestion senaman kat rumah yang boleh dibuat, i so far i just jogging for around 30 minutes (x lama i know hahah)..and i did some dancing. i punya tinggi 160 berat 66. dua bulan haritu i start diet previously my weight is 70. i have huge butt tho haha

    eh sorry blabbering bout my self pulak kat sini. but yeah,if i may ask lah, if you have any specific regime that can be done at home, do share ok.thank you =)

  2. owh..hye..i ade reply yr comment..hahah..i pon hengat kat mne...i rase kat entries what goes in must goes out kot...huhu...i jarang workout kat rumah kecuali bler i xsempat p gym jew...kat uma i xde specific sgt..i variety kan..kadang2 buat tabata, kdg2 pilates, kdg2 yoga or dancing... dancing plak i suke buat regiment latino dance & hip hop & club dance...pegilah kat speedy dvd retail, ade byk workout dvd ctu...xpon plg malas pon i buat jumprope...jumprope ade byk skill & i cube practise satu2 skill smp terre..huhu..nak lose weight mne2 pon bleyh exercise...xsemestinyew kt gym...yg penting pemakanan kne jage, 80% good eating habits & 20& exercise regiments...i pun ade huge butt tp so-so trpakse highlightkan aset kat butt jew...byk buat squat & lunges...tapi i lagi appreciate my abs & curve badan coz its getting better evryday..30mins exercise sehari pon ok, minima kalo nk lose weight & dptkn shape yg cantik, kne rajin2 bersenam & brdisiplin biler bab makan...

  3. ok thanks so much. i memang control makan dah sakang ( keinsafan hahah) and yeah i think i need to do more excercise lah..hmmm..but anyway appreciate your answer, selamat work out! =)