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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2nd Month Progress (Fitness Model Challenge)

Hohoho...nampaknyew xbrape banyak perubahan untuk bulan ke-2 challenge ni....
Adoiii~ dah cakap...klo takat 3bulan nak transform jadi Fitness Model??
Memang payah arrrr~ lainlah klo I ni full time keje fitness....
Klo takat part time macam ni, extendlah lagi 3-6bulan jawabnyew...

Btw, here's my latest measurement & health check up:

Mon, 5/5/12 - Underarms (28cm left) (28cm right)
                        - Upper Abs (74cm)
                        - Waist (67cm)
                        - Lower Abs (81cm)
                        - Hips (85cm)
                        - Bottom (90cm)
                        - Thigh (54cm left) (54cm right)
                        - Calves (36cm left) (36cm right)
                        - Wrist (14cm left) (14cm right)
Weight: 52.2 kg
Fat Mass Percentage : 24.90 %



  1. keep it up! And for the record, u have a very symmetrical limbs. Just sayin.

  2. thanx..but it's good or not good??
    i mean de symmetrical limbs..
    coz i think i need to boost out my asset...
    dont want to be flatten...