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Monday, April 9, 2012


Blur xtawu nak breakfast ape esok??? Breakfast yang healthy maksud I....Kalo rase dah bosan dengan roti or oatmeal or flakes, try lah my recipe ni.... Healthy & totally awesome lah rase die...Jangan terkejut kalo I cakap kebanyakkan resepi dalam blog I ni I create sendri.... Healthy foods xsusah, yang penting kalo dah biase memasak & memang giler masak (macam Diane), so sangat simple nak create new dish...but for me, sekarang I prefer create more dishes for FITNESS & HEALTH...

So, my new recipe here is Diane Purple Pancakes.... 
sebab pancake's flesh die kaler purple....
kalo tengok dalam gambar ni nampak macam kaler itam (due to bad quality of my hp camera..hahaha) tapi sebenarnyew kaler purple..It's a quite nice & temptating color actually....Let's get starting!!

1 cup of oats (any kinds of oats)
1 t/s of baking powder
1 cup of whole wheat/grain flour or superfine flour
1/2 scope of protein shake (prefer in vanila or choco flavour, better vanilla lahh)
1 cup of purple sweet potato (kne steamed then mashed it up)
1 t/s of cinnamon powder
1 t/s vanila extract
3 large of egg whites
1 cup of soy milk

** For toppings boleh guna blueberry yogurt or plain greek yogurt,  then sprinkle it with lots of your fresh fruits...then touch up with almond powder....

Campurkan semua bahan kecuali soy milk & mixed all up~...

Yang soy milk tu letak kemudian sebab nak agak2 kepekatan adunan/batter tersebut...jangan terlalu cair sebab nanti pancake jadi leper macam lempeng & jangan terlalu pekat coz nanti xboleyh spread dalam pan...consistancy kne just nice (bahasa orang bakery..hahaha)

Heat up your NON-STICK PAN...sekali lagi jangan gatal tangan nak letak butter or minyaaakkkkk~~~~
Then tuang 1 scope of the batter & spread it nicely....tunggu kejap until it golden brown & flip it to another side...the perfect pancakes shouldn't stick on your pan..kalo stick, maknenyew ade something wrong dengan preparation korang...then biler both side dh brown, angkat letak atas piring....

Curahkan yogurt & fresh fruits on de top of the pancakes...sprinkle lah dengan almond powder... Kalo xmo guna yogurt, u can use pure organic honey or pure 70% cocoa dark chocolate syrup....

Total calories per dish (2keping pancakes with toppings) : 350kcal++


  1. salam. naktanya mana awak beli Chrystimum Flower Tea ( Shape - Tea No sugar)tu ye??

  2. okeh tq dear....nti akak cari. Skang akk follow blog awak. hari2 baca...nk hidup sihat and fit juga. Tq utk segala info yg berguna!!